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Partners are encouraging everyone toWEAR WHITE to show solidarity across the country — to make a strong visual statement of love, unity, and freedom as we demand that families stay together and out of family detention.


  • 1:00 pm    March Marshal and Energy Leaders Training
    • Location: Convention Center, LocationTBD
  • 2:00 pm   Rally Start
    • Location: Convention Center, Outside, Main Entrance
  • 2:05 pm   Program: Speakers
    • Location: Convention Center, Outside, Main Entrance
  • 2:20 pm   March Begins
    • Approximately (7) blocks to Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo has been identified as a financier of detention centers/tent cities
  • 2:45 pm  Program: Speakers
    • Location: Outside Wells Fargo
  • 3:00 pm Restart March
    • Approximately (5) blocks to Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office:Connects national effort to a local issue; Hennepin County Sheriff has committed to supporting and collaborating with ICE
  • 3:15 pm  Program: Speakers and Action: Action will include dramatization using a cage with children’s toys and a symbolic release of the children represented by the toys.
    • Location: Outside of Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office
  • 3:30/4:00 pm   March & Rally End
    • March and Rally program will end. Marshals will direct participants –Approximately (8) blocks back to Convention Center-Main Entrance


A Community of Contrasts Series

This series was created by Asian Americans Advancing Justice.


The final report in its A Community of Contrasts demographic report series examines the growing Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) populations in the United States.

Through our series of demographic reports, we are able to showcase the contributions and needs of Asian Americans nationwide. The report’s disaggregated data illuminates income and educational disparities across Asian ethnicities, highlights Asian American business and economic contributions and underscores the future political power of our rapidly growing demographic.

Explore disaggregated and socioeconomic data on the Asian American population in the United States.  2011 Community_of_Contrasts_US

2013 Communities_of_Contrast_California

2013 Community of Contrasts Northeast

2014 Community_of_Contrasts_NHPI_US

2014_Community of Contrasts South

2015 Community of Contrasts West


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