AAPI Resources

With recent surges in anti-Asian hate crimes, the NEA Asian Pacific Islander Caucus have put together some resources to educate the community on our issues and history.

Educator Resources

Reflection is Truly Eternal Continental Shifts Podcast

Educators know how important it is to reflect; on our lessons and students’ growth. It's important to our craft and practice that we are constantly making adjustments to ensure students' needs are met with love and care. Far too often, there aren’t enough opportunities for reflection, especially amid this pandemic. How have you made time for reflection this past year? Song Mention: Memories Live, Reflection Eternal 
  1. Reflection is Truly Eternal
  2. Organizing & More
  3. API Educator Pipeline
  4. Anti-Blackness
  5. Wayfinding

COVID-19, Anti-Asian Racism, & Their Effects on the AAPI Community

Model Minority Myth & Identity

Cultural Celebrations

AAPI Labor Movement

Scholarly Articles

Book Lists

Additional Resources

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